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Our Story

Welcome to Hydroveda, we are on a mission to make your drinking water superior. This dream started at Bangkok airport. Whilst I was waiting for a flight I got talking to a man from Japan. We started to talk about water and in particular PH and antioxidants. He told me that he was drinking a very particular type of water and asked me to guess his age. I guessed between 55 and 60. He started to laugh because he was actually 71. I couldn’t believe it! I asked him more about his particular drinking water. He told me it was ionized and because of this, he was never sick.

I felt like everyone should have access to this fountain of youth. We all drink water anyway, why not make it the best it can be? I then committed my efforts to design a water bottle with the technology to ionise water and I created Hydroveda.

It has served my family and friends to maintain their youthful looks and health. With the benefits infused into the water if you can believe it... tastes ‘wetter’. I hope you enjoy the taste and reap the benefits of our water.


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